Our devoted group of legal experts buttress their overseas clients in settling banking issues in Pakistan. We deal in foundation, incorporation and offer capital in Banking Companies, Cooperative Banks and Financial Institutions, Transactions of Banking Business, Suspension of Business and Winding up of Banking Business, Recovery of Loans, Mortgage Matters, Landlord and Tenant, Debtor and Creditor, Contracts, Bank Secrecy Matters and Negotiable Instruments and so on.

The caliber of our firm in defensive assistance services has been highly regarded by banking institutions throughout Pakistan, including in-house counsels and regularly retained attorneys for such institutions. our firm likewise gives help with a wide range of administrative applications to the Federal banking agencies, and in addition defensive assistance with individual common risk activities initiated against officers and chiefs of financial institutions for alleged breaches of their lawful obligations and duties as executives of such foundations.

Vakeel’s gives benefits the world over to cash focus banks, reserve funds and advances, insurance agencies, financial organizations, institutional speculators, investment banks, private banking and put stock in operations, credit unions, contract keeping money and financier organizations, and foreign banks establishments.