Criminal Law is a field of work on covering each one of those viewpoints that involve crime as its factor. Each demonstration or oversight that damages a summon, gets its power from lawmaking body or from expert – either political or religious – that has supreme influence over the issues of state, is thought to be a crime. This is the reason that state remains as a prosecutor against the claimed guilty party. The principle goal of criminal law is to keep up the influence of state in all issues including acts or exclusions: no demonstration or oversight that challenges the influence of the state can be permitted by the criminal law of the state. Supreme Court being the most zenith court of Pakistan has the preeminent authoritative expert over functionality of all the criminal courts of Pakistan. The PPC (Pakistan Penal Code) characterizes the discipline against offenses identifying with records and to Trade or Property checks through imitation or false reports, falsifying money and monetary certificates and criminal break of agreements of administration. It directs the discipline against offenses identifying with marriage, Offenses. We have a team of experienced lawyers who will buttress you in all matters pertaining to it and will stand for you.