We have a vast expereince to solve problem of Pakistani’s residing outside the Pakistan, whose marriage registered under Pakistan’s Law and they are not residing in Pakistan. In they a Overseas Pakistani Lady want to get Divorce/ Khula in Pakistan, she can do this without her presence in Pakistan.

Sometimes ladies can not come to office of a Lawyer for discussing her case due to domestic problems, therefore, she can not get proper legal assistance rapidly. We on-line services to them.

If you can not come our office then you can just email us the details of your case and sent required papers to us by courier services alongwith cross cheque or pay order of our professional fees. We will prepare your case, the draft is sent to client by email, after approval of the client the case is finalized for filing in the Court. Client has to come court for recording of statement before the judge.

The procedure is that she shall appoint Special Power of Attorney who will work on her behalf. If any Pakistani woman who is not in Pakistan wants to get Khula through Pakistani Court, her presence in the court is not essential, simply she have to appoint an attorney (authorized person) who will appear before the court on her behalf.

This is the simplest way for overseas Pakistani woman to get Divorce/ Khula without her presence in Pakistan