International exchange and business are dynamic and growing territories of our training. Our legal counselors know about residential and worldwide exchange laws and practices. We offer extensive warning and case administrations to our clients regarding legally binding question including non-installment, non-adjusting merchandise and distortion and extortion submitted by a gathering. Our law firm’s Commercial Transactions department handles all aspects of domestic and international investment and commercial transactions, including purchases and sales, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, trade credits, financing and all aspects of cross-border trade and investment. Our  law firm represents international investors and foreign businessmen in all aspects of a transaction, from initial planning and negotiations through documentation, closing and post-closing operations. To the extent that any matter requiring a specialized area of expertise the law firm does not possess in-house, we call upon our established network of reputable service providers to meet the client’s goals and objectives, while maintaining active oversight in all matters. International commercial transaction legal services include:
  • Representation of buyers in the acquisition of businesses in foreign countries
  • Representation of buyers and sellers in international sales transactions
  • Advising on, negotiating and drafting letters of intent, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, joint venture and consortium agreements, international sale of goods agreements, international services agreement, BOT agreements, partnering agreements, distribution, agency and sales representative agreements, technology transfer and licensing agreements
  • Letters of credit and trade-finance documentation
  • Export and import controls
  • Political- and commercial-risk management
We , radically believe in assisting our clients completely by resolving their legal matters and our experienced and proficient team solve their all litigations proficiently. Our lawyers have vast experience in advising clients on the different stages of commercial transactions of various kinds. We specialize in structuring and documenting complex commercial transactions.