The business representative relationship includes complex power dynamics. It is of awesome importance to protect the work laws. They can battle for their laws when they know about them. Along these lines, we give them consciousness of their rights and help them in their lawful issues and handle their every issues relating to it.
Labor attorneys principally work in or in the interest of unions and their individuals. In doing as such, they are working under principles endorsed, which empowers aggregate bartering and oversees specialist associations and their communications with businesses. Attorneys work may extend from arranging new aggregate haggling concessions to benefit of hundreds or thousands of specialists to encouraging union pioneers to speaking to singular union individuals in discretion procedures.

Since, unions and their workers participate in so many different industries and activities, labor lawyers routinely face legal issues that fall outside the realm of either the traditional labor statutes or employment law—including questions of First Amendment and other constitutional law, election law, administrative law, environmental law, healthcare law, etc. Labor-management relations are governed by three major statutes that set forth standards regulating unions, their internal structure, and their interactions with employers. Vakeel’s provides comprehensive legal services encompassing all aspects of employment and labor laws in Pakistan. Our lawyers advise on all aspects of employment and labor laws.

We have buttressed our various clients and businesses in following areas:

• Drafting of employment contracts and compliance with obligatory employment law
• Review of terms of employment
• Confidentiality Agreements
• Non-disclosure agreements
• Industrial and labor issues related to gratuity, Provident fund etc.
• Termination of employment contracts and severances
• Collective redundancies
• Employment claims
• Disputes between employee and employer

The lawyers of Vakeels provide their clients legal assistance in matters involving labor contracts, labor insurance and the settlement of labor disputes.