Starting from the earliest stage development task to the refined financing exchange, our land lawyers furnish customers with an expansive scope of aptitudes and experience imperative to the matter of the land business. A critical practice area at Vakeels, our real estate experts group helps all who are engaged with the dynamic real estate field from purchasers, dealers, and engineers to borrowers and banks. The quality of our lawyer’s information in complex exchanges guarantees effective and convenient thoughtfulness regarding those customers occupied with significant real estate investment, advancement, and loaning activities across the nation. Taking advantage of the association’s corporate, tax, and litigation rehearse regions; our lawyers can make groups intended for each kind of land related circumstance like Commercial and Residential Lawsuits, Buyer-Seller Disputes and Property Development Issues that may emerge. We deal with all kinds of Property cases including Transfer of Property by Act of Parties, Transfer of Property (Moveable or Immoveable, Tangible or Intangible), Sale, Mortgage, Lease, Charge of Immovable Property and Exchange, Gifts and all kinds of Claims regarding Property, Accession, Occupancy Rights, Vested Interests, Contingent Interest and Conditional Transfer etc. Our lawyers aware the clients of their property rights. The transfer of property can be in many ways:
  • Transfer of property by way of sale
  • Transfer of property by way of leases
  • Transfer of property By means of exchange
  • Transfer of property by Mortgages and charges
  • Transfer Of property by gifts
  The registration of transactions i.e. mortgage, sale, exchange, lease, gift etc. shall be made under Section 17 of the Registration Act 1908. The documents have to be submitted to the Registrar after complying with all requirements of the Registration Act along with the prescribed registration fee. In the case of an assignment of a Mortgage , the consideration for the deed of assignment shall be deemed to be the value for Registration.