Our devoted group of expert legal counselors provides best services to their clients in fighting the white collar crime in Pakistan. Lawful arrangement of a nation fundamentally goes for to offer equity to every one of its nationals with no discrimination. But this discrimination is in every legal system is true to exist. These are the provisions in the framework, which are required to be investigated. It manages criminal acts by public workers, people in specialist or even by people engaged with business associations. White-collar wrongdoing in this way covers with corporate crimes on the grounds that open the door for extortion, remuneration, insider exchanging, theft, computer crime and fraud is more accessible to white-collar employees. White-collar violations have a radical impact over the economy and budgetary condition of a nation. The white collar is said to be submitted; when a holder of an open office, or some other individual, is said to confer or to have conferred the offense of debasement and degenerate practices:
  • If he accepts or obtains from any person or offers any gratification directly or indirectly, other than legal remuneration, as a motive or reward such as is specified in section 161 of the Pakistan Penal Code 1860 for doing or forbearing to do any official act, or for showing or forbearing to do so, in the exercise of his official functions, favor or disfavor to any person, or for rendering or attempting to render any service or dis-service to any person; or
  • If he dishonestly or fraudulently misappropriates or otherwise converts for his own use, or for the use of any other person, any property entrusted to him, or under his control, or willfully allows any other person to do so.
  • If he commits an offence of willful default; or
  If he commits the offence of cheating as defined in section 415 of the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860, and thereby dishonesty induces members of the public at large to deliver any property including money or valuable security to any person.