Established in 2001

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We are an internationally recognized full-service Pakistani law firm covering commercial, corporate, civil, labor, and banking laws. The firm has a particular specialization in the areas of Intellectual Property, Media, Telecom, and Internet laws.

The firm’s IP practice has received an international recommendation and is recognized as a top tier firm in the sector. The firm represents some of the most prominent companies in the world and assists them in protecting invaluable IP assets. We provide a wide range of services in the IP arena, starting with due diligence, including Market Surveys, IP Searches, etc. And continuing forth to the registration of trademarks, patents, designs, and copyrights and finally to the enforcement of rights through litigation and search and seizure operations.

The firm is also highly regarded for its Litigation practice and has represented a large number of clients, including some of the biggest national and international corporations, in landmark cases before the High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan.

At Vakeel’s, we value long-term client relationships. Since our founding, Vakeel’s has served businesses and individuals for more than four decades and we strongly believe in forging long-term partnerships with clients, which allows us to formulate comprehensive and innovative strategies designed as per each client’s requirement.

A firm represents wide-ranging clients operating in a broad spectrum of industries through offices in Lahore and Multan (Pakistan).


We will be installed to end up noticeably the main wellspring of mastery and the normal client decision to give the total scope of legitimate administrations, locally and universally. We are a group of splendid, exceptionally energetic, devoted professionalists who have  sympathy forever, equity, and client benefit. We esteem the rights, opportunities, and obligations of our majority rule society. Our group is practicing in achieving our objectives, following up on circumstances and openings, as opposed to being followed upon. We manufacture a sustain enduring connections, both inside the Firm and with our clients and our group is seen as being proficient, forceful, and humane.

Our firm is extremely glad for the way that our establishment is based upon values and a dream for what’s to come. Any choice we make in our firm and the way we speak to our clients are all together in view of these components. We are glad to impart them to you. Our Vision is to be a world-class legitimate administration firm that enables clients and organizations to accomplish their objectives legally. We will achieve our Vision through our sense of duty regarding vital development, extraordinary administration, and group association.

To us, we focus on long-term relationships with our clients and providing them diverse and comprehensive legal services thus becoming an evident part of their success.


The firm is guided by certain core principles: professionalism, integrity, hard work, and pragmatism.

Vakeels is widely recognized for the depth of its knowledge resulting from its decades’ long experience. The firm’s clients acknowledge our ability to identify and resolve key quickly and effectively, even in the most difficult circumstances. We strive to provide comprehensive legal services to safeguard commercial assets and enforce proprietary rights by creating a synergy between law and industrial knowledge.

Business Advisers

The business relies on the firm to provide them with honest opinions on key business issues and view them as important partners in sustaining competitive advantage in the global market. The firm routinely advises clients on issues such as the expansion of business through integration and diversification, product development and launch, branding and commercial exploitation, conflict of interest, and competition matters.

Reliable Relationship

At Vakeel’s we firmly believe in a reliable partnership with our clients. We value and appreciate the relationships that inspire us to create a secure and reliable environment to nourish our client’s intellectual property rights. As a professional firm of attorneys, we try to pool our expertise and offer efficient services. It is our mandate to protect our client’s business assets and to deliver our best.


We work as a single united team with market-leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.