Divorce Proceedings And Child Custody:

  1. An overseas Pakistani husband wishing to divorce his wife (who is residing in Pakistan or whose ‘last known address’ in Pakistan is known), will execute a divorce deed and a special power of attorney, Nominating any person present in Pakistan as his representative, and get these documents attested from Pakistan High Commission in the country of his stay and send these documents to Pakistan.
  2. The divorce deed and special power of attorney will be counter-attested by Pakistan Foreign Office.
  3. After attestation of these documents from the Foreign Office, the representative, nominated through the special power of attorney, can file for Divorce Certificate in Arbitration Council of the area where the wife is currently residing or where her ‘last known address’ is and initiate divorce proceedings.
  4. The Arbitration Council procedure lasts for 90 days during which several hearings take place which will be attended by the special attorney of Husband on his behalf.
  5. After completion of proceedings, the Council will issue a Divorce Effective Certificate.

The firm guides you through the process and prepares you for the custody evaluation  while looking out for the best interests of you and your children because it is heartbreaking to lose custody of a child. However, this can be avoided by knowing your rights and understanding the process. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your Child Custody goals and accompany you in your this hard time. Thus, we radically support you in all legal issues.